I'm Fraxtil. I've been making various kinds of content for the Internet for over a decade now, most of which is under this name. I'm an electronic musician, dance game player & stepartist, and coder.

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Here are some things hosted on this website:

One-off projects

An OBS Studio widget for Crypt of the NecroDancer race casters that lists the users in a Discord voice channel with voice activity indicators. (2017)
Quick tool to check how a Discord role color looks in the dark and light themes. (2017)
An HTML canvas animation / reinterpretation of the album art for Wolfgun's album LIGHTS. (2014)

Personal stuff

All of my simfiles are hosted here.
Long-form thoughts and essays go here.
It's $CURRENT_YEAR and everyone has a fursona now.
Past iterations of my homepage, dating back to 2011.